PlainViews Subscription

Number of Subscribers:  

PlainViews® subscriptions are offered as one, two, and three years at the following rates:


PlainViews Subscription Prices for Individuals & Departments of Up to 30

# of Users 

1  Year

2 Years

3 Years





2 to 3 maximum

$38 each

$60 each

$92 each

4 minimum to 10 maximum

$35 each

$65 each

$90 each

11 minimum to 20 maximum

$30 each

$55 each

$85 each

21 minimum to 30 maximum

$25 each

$45 each

$70 each


You can purchase any of the above subscription options through this secure site and by creating “My Account” for yourself.  Purchases of subscriptions over quantity of one will generate a "unique URL" in your "My Account" area under "PlainViews Registration". You can use the "Copy URL" button to copy this URL and email to your PlainViews subscribers.  Subscribers can register by clicking that URL and using their existing account or by creating a new one if they are a new subscriber. The amount of available subscriptions will decrease by one every time a subscriber registers with the link from that purchase.

For pricing for larger departments (over 30), systems, and associations, please contact
Managing Editor Managing Editor Sue Wintz by emailing
For purchasers of a group subscription, you will receive a unique link that you can give to your users.

If you have any questions or issues please email PlainViews customer service/technical support here or call (646) 597-6948 Monday-Thursday (Eastern Times added).  The customer service manager is available to assist you through the process.

For federal government employees who wish to purchase a subscription, the CCR NAICS code is 519130 Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals.