Webinar- "Working with Challenging Families"

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As a chaplain or student, likely you’ve had to deal with families with one of more of these behaviors: they’re  demanding, they refuse to participate in discussions about treatment decisions, interfere with patient care, fight among themselves, are verbally abusive, threaten staff. Chaplains, in collaboration with other members of the interdisciplinary team, can effectively identify the issues families are struggling with, serve as liaisons, and help reduce these unconstructive behaviors.

Participate in this webinar and you will learn:
1. Understand the common issues that make families “challenging”.
2. Identify spiritual issues that are often a source of the struggle of challenging families
3. Examine the components of a successful interdisciplinary program
4. Advice to develop a program to meet your organization’s needs

The Rev. Sue Wintz, M.Div., BCC
Managing Editor, PlainViews 

Webinar Details:

Purchase and access of the recorded webinar is available until December 18th, 2012.